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Strategic Foundation for Growth

The company had formulated an overall vision, but had not created a clear strategic foundation with concrete, operational goals and initiatives that management could use as the basis for executing the vision.

A workshop-based process identified the company’s future markets, segments and product portfolio. The basis for the process was a fact-based market and product analysis, supplemented with a review of the company’s organisation. The strategic roadmap was then embedded through developing and defining strategic goals, critical success factors, KPIs, focus areas, etc. Strategy and action plans were developed for all business units and departments as part of operationalizing the strategy. The plans were directly tied with the managers’ bonus targets.

The company established a strategic roadmap with clear priorities, goals and activities. The portfolio of strategic activities and projects was operationalized, prioritised and selected in accordance with the existing portfolio of on-going projects and initiatives. A clear sense of ownership of the selected goals and initiatives was developed throughout the company and a framework for following up on benefit realisation and strategic management reporting was developed.
Execution Consulting Group