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IT-supported business transformation

The company was the result of a merger that spanned four countries. After the merger, the new company was looking to reap the benefits of synergies within the IT area. It was decided to establish a programme responsible for developing new business processes across the four countries. The programme was also asked to develop a new IT architecture, gather master data in a single, shared system and automate the new processes. The programme was established outside the business and IT departments, but was run by a steering committee with representatives from both these departments. It was charged with realising a very ambitious vision while also solving many large, complex tasks simultaneously.
Execution Consulting Group helped direct the programme towards working more with the strategy and plan for implementation. A pilot project was established to test the new processes, methods and technology. After completing the pilot project, the programme was re-organized to ensure greater involvement from the business department. The full responsibility for the business case was assigned and a plan for deploying the programme within the company in order to speed up deliveries was formulated. Important components of the programme included the right organization to ensure quick decision-making, method selection to ensure common understanding across four countries and four business areas, updating of tools to ensure consolidation and reporting throughout the company and not least regular and clear information and updates about the programme throughout the entire company.
The company received a business-oriented programme with the right organisation to ensure decision-making was delegated correctly, the right method to ensure common understanding of the programme across four countries and four business areas, updated tools to ensure consolidation and reporting throughout the company and reaped the benefits of the synergies of the programme that was strongly embedded throughout the company.
Execution Consulting Group