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Growth Strategy in the Education Sector


The company was a school with approximately 3000 students and around 300 employees that wants to implement an ambitious growth strategy while the organisation is being developed. The ambitious growth strategy meant involves working together with private companies on selected projects, a more international approach, developing new products, optimisation of internal processes and an increase in the number of students. Management was relatively new, very oriented towards the day-to-day running of their departments and each member was facing a series of practical, managerial challenges.


Execution Consulting Group helped operationalize the strategy in a way that involved implementing practical, inter-departmental projects that all supported the overall growth strategy. The goal of the different projects was to ensure that the different managers were working together and thereby avoid that too many different, and potentially conflicting, solutions were developed within the various departments. The managers were involved in developing a structure where they were tasked with controlling and following up on the projects and exchange experiences and generated new knowledge with each other. The biggest challenge was to prioritise and pick specific, individual ideas in a very innovative environment and thereby ensure an optimal use of resources and working structured in a coordinated way.


The school is well on the way to achieve the goals set for 2015. The management group all agreed  on the formulated strategy and share a feeling of ownership  when it comes to executing it, including sponsoring the different strategic projects. The part goals for 2011 have been achieved in relation to number of students, partners and internationalisation.  The strategic goals for 2015 are still realistic.

Execution Consulting Group